Nordic Garden Buildings SheShed Decor Ideas

Neil Gater | Sep,2017 | 3 Minutes Read

The SheShed trend has been an absolute hit this year. It’s amazing that ladies are carving their own spaces for business purposes, hobbies or simply a space to be off-duty.

A SheShed is typically a getaway in an outdoor space – and what better way than to decorate it with a minimal, homey, Nordic-inspired lifestyle and interior?

Why don’t you Shed the daily stresses of life and use our top 10 Nordic-inspired decor ideas to beautify your she-shed:

Make use of the Nordic ‘Lagom’ style

“Lagom är bäst” can be translated to mean “The right amount is best”.

See it as an embrace of moderation and balance, which can be easily incorporated into your Nordic-Inspired She-Shed, think minimalism and a ‘just right’ mentality and you won’t go wrong with channelling the Lagom life.

Use Storage decoratively

Nordic design is all about functionality and clutter-free spaces – but don’t let this stop you from finding a truly beautiful storage piece you can use a focal point in your She-Shed. From floating shelves to woven baskets, now every functional feature of your home can Nordic-level aesthetic.

Use an accent colour of your choice

Despite the Nordic’s minimalist style at first glance, it’s actually common to play with colours and textures to achieve the right mood and add interest to your room. Think textured throws, cushions or wall art as feature pieces for your she-shed.


In general, keep it muted

Neutral colours such as white, blue or gray certainly give off the Nordic vibe; To truly achieve this playful style you definitely want to incorporate your neutral colours – think greys, white, blues, greens and other colours that promote a sense of calm.


Mix and match furniture of the same or similar colours

Not only is mixing and matching colours common but so is furniture itself! A top tip is to keep your colours within the same family – for example if you have a base of yellow, use other warm colours such as red or orange and accent with green, a cold colour (which could be in the form of a plant, artwork or textile).


Think Eco features

Did you know the Nordic regions are the most eco-friendly places in the world – with Sweden itself claiming to have completely run out of rubbish?

Incorporating natural objects such as wood or plants gives your home a breathable, open and calm atmosphere. You want your she-shed to be inviting, clutter-free and economical. Incorporate double or triple glazing to keep the heat in and reinforce your warm, fuzzy retreat.


Incorporate candles to promote warmth

SheShed Decor doesn’t just exist in sight, it’s influenced by touch and smell.

Candles not only look aesthetically pleasing but also offer the ability to lightly scent your she-shed and give you a mental reminder of your calm escape.


Make use of cushions and throws

Nothing quite invites you to collapse on a bed or sofa covered in cushions. They promote a warm feeling and act as an accent feature to your she-shed. Throws are especially useful to curl up in to and are very popular as a simple accessory in Nordic interiors


Make it ambient with Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a staple in Nordic interiors and popular design trend? The ambience is incorporated by quite literally muting your light fixture, producing a soft, comforting light. Each paper lantern is handmade, unique and easy to install.


Install art around your She-Shed

Piece multiple frames of artwork together on a wall at eye level to create a cohesive mini-gallery and add a touch of personality. This is really effective in Nordic-inspired design, especially if colours aren’t your thing, or your’re struggling with ideas to make your she-shed look more interesting.

Nordic Garden Buildings embrace all the SheShed concepts and design ideas, We hope our tips and visuals have given you an insight into making your Nordic Garden Building– Inspired She-Shed unique to you.

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