Product Description

Imagine a commute to work that avoids noise, cost and pollution of cities and towns and takes less than 30 seconds! With the increase of professionals working from home, the requirement for a specific work space is becoming more important. The Manhattan creates a light, bright, inspiring space which will become your creative office environment. Running electricity to you building can be achieved easily, installing power points therefore ensuring modern day technology to be used. The security features that come as standard mean your technology will be safe when you have finished for the day and take the short walk back to your home. As with all Nordic Garden Buildings you benefit by having a maintenance free building that you can proudly hold meetings in just enjoy Hygge in the work place. Where does the name come from? Manhattan Island is recognised as a major business centre throughout the world. When creating our new Garden Office we wanted to launch an inspiring room that can be added to any home, offering a working environment like no other. A bright, light easy to maintain garden office that you can easily use for remote working but large enough to accommodate meetings with clients whilst maintaining a professional environment to work from.