Prep Your Outdoor Living for Summer 2017

Neil Gater | Feb,2017 | 2 Minutes Read

Outdoor living for Summer 2017, now is time to prep your outdoor living space for Summer. After months of hibernating indoors away from the harsh winter, it’ll now soon be that time of year where we’ll be back in the garden and hopefully enjoying the sun!

Outdoor Living for Summer 2017

With last year’s designers introducing outdoor living areas and classy canopies into the garden space, taking full advantage of the summer to sit down and enjoy dinner is now what the hype is all about.

Bringing the Inside, Outside

With outdoor living areas now being the new trend, designers have now started to implement their contemporary, elegant and classy style into the UK. With many great features, these living areas can be utilised to literally bring the inside, outside.

We expect people to be taking full advantage of the summer and the ‘Hygge’ approach to life. The living spaces offer a great excuse to pull dining tables outside.

Elegant Furniture

Stylish dining tables cane furniture and rattan furniture work great with the outdoor areas. Adding to the elegant style, these furnishes provide the current, modern look, and allow you to put your feet up and enjoy dinner on a beautiful summer’s day.

The New Way of Living

With the culture slow moving towards a more relaxed, cosy, warm and bubbly atmosphere the typical way of living is changing to give the feel of a Danish concept ‘Hygge’. We now expect to see more and more outdoor living areas being driven into gardens.

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Guest blog writer: Alice Porter