The Birdseye View

Neil Gater | Jul,2017 | 2 Minutes Read

Birdseye View of the Manly Pavilion from Nordic Garden Buildings

We were very fortunate to be invited to visit the home of a recent installation of a Nordic Garden Building.

Mr & Mrs Yates had recently purchased a beautiful ‘Manly‘ Pavilion from our UK retail partner GBC Group.

Located at the foothills of the Pennines the location was picture perfect, to a point where we couldn’t refuse the invitation to take some photos and bring out the drone. Recording footage from a birdseye perspective allows us to show how you can create a new place to discover Hygge, quickly and affordably.

Mr & Mrs Yates initially discovered the Nordic Garden Buildings range in the NFU Countryside magazine, they then visited GBC Group to take a closer look at our range of buildings and get some expert advise from their staff.

It was finally decided that the ‘Manly’ Pavilion was the perfect design to fit in the secluded location at the top of their beautifully maintained gardens.

The Manly Pavilion allows a 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside, this was a deciding factor in the purchase, the inclusion of taller panels below the glazing and the tile effect roof ensured the building fitted into it’s surroundings perfectly.

Once the order was placed, Nordic Garden Buildings worked closely with GBC Group and Mr & Mrs Yates to create a seamless process from placing the order through to the installation team arriving on site.

They were delighted with the whole experience, and commented on the professionalism and work ethic of our talented installation team. They certainly had their work cut out, on the hottest day of the year so far, they physically carried all the elements of the building from the installation team vehicle up a steep slope to it’s new home in the countryside. The access to the garden was restricted but that didn’t stop the Nordic team from making sure the day went smoothly and the customer was happy throughout the day.

Mr Yates was kind enough to comment“The sun shone from start to finish! Hope that means we are going to have a good summer to enjoy our lovely manly summerhouse and take in the beautiful views around us. Thank you to the team for working hard in the hot sun“

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr & Mrs Yates for allowing us birdseye access to their beautiful home and garden, we are thrilled with the final results and hope they both enjoy relaxing in their new Nordic Garden Building.

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View our buildings at a show room near you by clicking HERE and typing in your post code or click HERE to visit GBC Group online.

Thanks to Yonda Aerial Systems for filming and producing a great video for everyone to see.