What should my Nordic Garden Building sit on?

A common question is the base requirements for a Nordic Garden Building.

Our buildings are designed for longevity, carrying a fantastic guarantee and retaining a stunning appearance for many years to come but the base and flooring of a building is extremely important.

Base 4

We are constantly striving to enhance our buildings, accessories, but base requirements and suggestions are a priority for us.

All of our building designs are published with both ‘internal’ and ‘external’ dimensions, the internal dimensions are highlighted in our brochures to give you an indication of the ‘living space’ you have available when the building is completed,  the ‘external’ dimensions are the sizes required for the foundations your new Nordic Garden Building will be positioned on.

Base 3

Concrete, wood or ‘other’

There are a number of options for you, whether you are creating a new area at the bottom of your garden that requires a new concrete base or an existing patio from where an old wooden building may have been positioned.

We continue to test the best floor option for our buildings, but the final word is really down to the consumer preference. Concrete can be laid to meet the exact size of a building, maybe Composite decking! This an increasingly more popular option but this carries a large price premium.

Base 2

Nordic Garden Buildings are about to release a new flooring system that could replace the above, allowing you to install on a pre-existing base, hugely improving drainage or giving you the capability of installing it directly onto grass and therefore no expensive groundwork’s. Our new system creates an quick and easy to install base, inbuilt channels to easily install cabling, added insulation in the base and created from recycled materials.


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