uPVC - Recycling

Neil Gater | Jun,2019 | 2 Minutes Read


uPVC (Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) V PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

To understand recycling for this material, first you should know the difference. PVC is different to uPVC. As a flexible plastic, PVC is used to produce a wide variety of piping. Larger PVC pipes are often used in plumbing to distribute non-potable water. PVC piping can also be used to insulate electrical cables. uPVC is used as a replacement for wood in construction, such as in Nordic Garden Buildings, double glazed window frames and window sills.

Windows, PVC is not used for window frames, although some manufacturers may use “PVC” to refer to their uPVC windows. Instead, uPVC is used for window frames, as it does not decompose and is weather-resistant.

uPVC will not change shape under normal weather conditions, but it can be reshaped at very high temperatures. uPVC windows are more energy-efficient than those with wooden or metal frames. Moreover, uPVC can also be used for door frames and conservatories.

Other Uses, uPVC has fewer health concerns associated with it, it is found in medical and dental pieces.

Durability, because it is designed to be softer and more flexible than many other plastics, PVC is less durable than uPVC. However, both plastics are resistant to sunlight, oxidation, and a variety of chemicals.


uPVC is recyclable and can be reshaped into new products or pipes at very high temperatures.

There is a common misconception that uPVC is simply…. ‘plastic’ and due to the high profile issues around the use of plastic globally and the disposal of plastic materials included bottles, bags, straws etc…. we thought it would be useful to point out a few of the facts around the core material used in Nordic Garden Buildings.

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