The Spring Greenhouse

Spring Greenhouse Nordic Garden Buildings

Offering protection from wind, rain and the cold, a greenhouse allows you to grow a much wider range of ornamental and edible plants, and with a Nordic Garden Building, your growing season is also extended.

No one can control the weather, but owning a greenhouse allows you to control your growing environment. It provides protection from the elements and allows you to control the temperature throughout the year.

You can create the perfect growing environment for a range of plants from a warmer or tropical region that simply would not survive outdoors. A longer growing season opens up a new range of opportunities to grow exotic plants under glass. It allows plants to be raised earlier in the spring, for planting outdoors once conditions warm up, and extends the Autumn growing season to keep plants flowering and cropping for longer.

A double glazed, insulated greenhouse from Nordic Garden Buildings can provide a temperate environment throughout the year, even in the deepest of winter, retaining a temperature of around 4 degrees will ensure the survival of a wide range of tender subjects.

Whether you envisage your Nordic Greenhouse to be a nursery for cuttings and raising plants from seeds or whether you see this new space in your garden as a place of relaxation whilst tendering to your crop, a Nordic Garden Greenhouse offers a multitude of benefits no other standard greenhouse can match.

When investing in a greenhouse, always buy the biggest you can afford, no matter how large you think it is at the start, it will eventually never be big enough, once you have selected the correct place for your new garden room/greenhouse/nursery … there will be no stopping you.

The Spring Greenhouse

Added protection. In standard single glazed greenhouses (Timber or aluminium) temperature fluctuations can be disastrous.  Daytime temperatures can soar and then plummet at night. Control the extremes by investing in a Nordic double glazed, insulated greenhouse which includes a roof vent as standard fitted with a Bayliss Automatic roof vent. The early spring warmth encourages hardy plants and bulbs back into growth after their winter dormancy.

Longer days provide warmer, brighter conditions and higher night time temperatures, allowing you to grow half-hardy annuals, perennials and tender bulbs without extra heat and light.

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Nordic Garden Buildings, for the lifestyle you lead; the lifestyle you want to lead and a lifestyle to share with Friends & Family. A Nordic Garden Buildings allows you to be in your Garden whatever the weather; occasion or activity.

You are no longer confined to only having the choice of a Wooden Garden Building that need constant maintenance and offer very little in terms of views through small single glazed windows.

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