The evolution of the greenhouse

Over the past 10 years more and more people have become interested in growing vegetables, herbs and fruits at home. The achievement of growing your own produce from seed is something to be proud of and should be boasted about around the dinner table.

Historically, allotments were the battle grounds of local growers, funny looking garden sheds made out of old doors, greenhouses with broken glass and secret competitions for who could grow the biggest morrow! But still, most allotments across the UK have always had LONG waiting lists.

With the increase in popularity of TV chefs and TV gardeners all promoting “grow your own”, everyone is becoming more confident and knowledgeable.

There are certain aspects of “home grown” that are a continuing challenge, and starting from seed is the most obvious. First things first, you have to have the right environment, which inevitably means the purchase of a greenhouse.

Historically, the only greenhouse options have been either aluminium or wooden specifically designed for growing only

Nordic Garden Greenhouse
Nordic Garden Greenhouse

The Greenhouse has evolved!

Nordic Garden Buildings have created a greenhouse for you to be proud of, to show off with pride and incorporate into your contemporary home and garden design. We appreciate design whilst utilising materials that give you a maintenance free, weather resistant stylish greenhouse which incorporates a healthy growing environment that can be used to grow your seedlings and sit and enjoy the fruits of your labour in a garden room to be proud of.

The greenhouse is now part of your home, Nordic Garden Buildings have developed the perfect synergy of practicality and design that reflects modern day gardening and home growing.

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