Spring clean your greenhouse

You’ve made the decision to buy a greenhouse, the romance of growing your own plants, vegetables and fruit is a tantalising one BUT your plants are not the only things that need love and attention, so does your greenhouse.

If you’ve previously owned a greenhouse, you may have encountered diseases such as Pythium Root Rot or insects such as fungus gnats. Infectious microbes can accumulate and algae will flourish on moist surfaces harbouring fungus gnats and shore flies.

You must clean and maintain your greenhouse, but when? It is generally considered that a good clean down in early spring is best, let the winter months naturally reduce pest populations then give your greenhouse a thorough clean ready for your new crop.

Initially the cleaning ritual should always include the removal of any weeds, soil and other debris collected over the winter months.  Then disinfecting your greenhouse and equipment, there are cleaning agents specifically developed for greenhouse use, using a combination of cleaning and wetting agents formulated to remove algae, dirt and hard water deposits. Starting from the top and working your way down, sweeping cobwebs, brushing down the walls and internal corners. Disease causing organisms can collect on the greenhouse structure, window ledges; textured surfaces such as concrete and wood hides many types of organisms.

Whilst in the early season cleaning phase, it is also the time to repair broken glass inevitably damaged during the winter months and the additional wipe down of the external glazing and frame work maintenance.

This will be a significant undertaking, but it is essential for a healthy growing season.

There is a simpler way

The Nordic Garden Greenhouse offers a fantastic alternative to a standard greenhouse option. Manufactured from UPVC with double glazed safety glass, you have an insulated, strong, secure environment all year round, and when it comes to the “early season clean down” it couldn’t be any easier…… clean away any old plants, quick brush up and use your high pressure power washer for the perfect, quick, thorough solution.

The Nordic Garden Greenhouse offers a robust, easy to maintain, contemporary designed garden building that ensures your investment gives you years of enjoyment and not years of maintenance and repair costs.

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