Sophisticated Summerhouses

Sophisticated Summerhouses

L&L Installations, in tandem with established Welsh supplier, Nordic Garden Buildings, have launched a brand new range of standalone glass buildings, ideal for use as a summerhouse. Director, John Lannen explains more.

Almost all of us love spending a summer evening in the garden with a glass of wine in hand. Yet too often, in our climate, we find ourselves frustrated that the warmth of the day has faded too soon. We’ll fetch a jumper, perhaps huddle around a chimenea, then eventually give up and retreat indoors. Our new range of glass garden buildings changes all that, giving you the chance to enjoy your garden more frequently, and later into the evening, than you could if you simply sat outside.

The notion of a summerhouse is nothing new but what is new is our ability to build them in a range of styles and sizes, using modern, thermally efficient glass.

A Melbourne Pavilion in white with a polycarbonate roof and laminate flooring, styled as a summerhouse with space for dining.

Offering panoramic views of your garden, permanence and longevity, a glass summerhouse gives you a more sophisticated environment in which to relax than one made of timber.

A glazed structure also provides a number of practical advantages. The cost of timber is constantly rising so, surprisingly, glass is now often comparable in price. A glass/PVCu structure is also stronger, more permanent and far more secure than one made of wood. Nordic Garden Buildings are manufactured by a Welsh company that has been manufacturing products from PVCu for 40 years. Their range of garden buildings was launched in Europe where they have been tested against weather conditions much more extreme than here, and proven to be robust. Each one comes complete with multipoint door and window locks, and a guarantee. And unlike timber structures, they need no annual maintenance.

A glass building enables you to spend more time in your garden, whatever the season. With six colour options and a choice of glass, brickwork, roofing and flooring there is a model to suit your garden, your taste and your budget. With careful decoration, inside and out, you can create a unique personal space to sit and read, relax with a drink or share a meal with friends.

But how do you go about maintaining a comfortable temperature, all year round? Insulation, automatic air vents, roof vents, windows and air conditioning can all help. Heating can be added via a simple electric fan heater, under floor heating or even a wood burning stove.

Installation onto an existing patio or deck is easy and will take our skilled team only one or two days. This means that your garden building is also portable; you won’t even have to part with it if you move house.

Our new Nordic Garden Buildings display area is expanding; look out for details of our Open Day this summer. To find out more please visit our Tewkesbury showroom at Red Lane, alongside the river. Our friendly team are available Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm and Saturday 9am-1pm

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A Nordic Garden Building creates that perfect environment, located ‘around’ the home. Take a minute to download the latest product range from Nordic Garden Buildings.