Safe and secure garden buildings

Nordic Garden Buildings take security very seriously; we believe that your new garden building should be as safe as your home.


Garden sheds and other outbuildings can be vulnerable to break-ins due to the fact that they are separated from your home, thieves know that they may contain valuables and personal belongings. If you have a pre-existing wooden building which has glazed windows that could be smashed, or a door bolt or hinges that could be unscrewed, it won’t be secure without modifications.Multipoint locks

This where a Nordic Garden Building excels, Our Pavilions, Orangeries, Greenhouses and Summerhouses are manufactured to the highest level and contain highly secure multipoint locks on both doors and windows, such as the locks you would have around your home.

high-security-locksYou may be thinking that the glazing could be a weakness? Check out our RECENT VIDEO where we tested the strength of the glazing used in our buildings. This coupled with our window and door security, you can be confident of owning a garden building that not only looks amazing but also keeps your belongings safe.

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A Nordic Garden Building creates that perfect environment, located ‘around’ the home. Take a minute to download the latest product range from Nordic Garden Buildings.