Wiltshire Plus

(145 sq ft / 13.5sqm)

Combining stunning design with usable space is where the Wiltshire Orangerie from Nordic Garden Building really stands out from the crowd. The beautifully designed garden living room features a range of impressive features that look beautiful in any sized garden. Whether you decide to use the Wiltshire for entertaining or the perfect place for a hot tub, the Wiltshire’s characteristic mean you can focus on enjoying this tranquil space throughout the year. With a long guarantee and maintenance free, the Wiltshire Orangerie has been created to give you the time to enjoy your garden with friends and family without the added expense and time that other traditional buildings require. Available in a range of frame colours, alternative roof options and selection of bespoke additions, the Wiltshire is the perfect addition to any home.
Where does the name come from?
Wiltshire is a county ‘landlocked’ in the South West of England, characterised with high downlands and wide valleys. Featured stunning views across Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge and the Avenbury Stone Circles. Wiltshire features significant influence from a range of cultures including the Roman Empire. Never more has an area of England influenced the embracing of the England’s full glory, rolling hills and winding rivers, there is no better way to enjoy your surroundings that relaxing in the Wiltshire or Wiltshire Plus Orangerie and gaining 360 degree views all year round.

Guttering does not come as standard with this product
SSP UK Mainland including Nordic ECO Floor, Delivery, Installation & VAT
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You are currently viewing (145 sq ft / 13.5sqm).

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£150.00 Glazed panel replaced with plain PVCu panel - per panel
£200.00 Glazed panel replaced with T&G PVCu panel - per panel
£210.00 Additional Opening Window - Large
£360.00 Additional Manual Roof Vent (inc winding pole) (White)
£370.00 Finial & Crest - Large
£1050.00 Additional Double Doors - Large


PVC-u frames, rectangular in shape, double glazed safety glass with 200mm PVC-u panel at the base and transoms to head of frames, with chrome or gold georgian bar to top section, 1 double door with multi-point locks, 2 lockable windows, adjustable door hinges, low aluminium threshold, external projecting sill, Two manual roof vents including pole, tie bars included and polycarbonate roof


Metric: 3.02m x 4.50m x 3.00m (13.5sqm)

Imperial: 9ft 11in x 14ft 9in x 9ft 10in (145 sq ft)


Our Orangeries have been designed to cater for any use, whether it’s growing exotic plants and flowers or having an outdoor music room, to a fantastic location for a dining room. Our freestanding Orangeries allow you to experience and enjoy the outdoors inside all year around.

All our Nordic Range of Orangeries have one thing in common. The gutter is an integral load bearing part of the structure and is not bolted on like all other Buildings on the market. This is one feature that makes our Nordic Range unique. Apart from making our Orangeries look beautiful the gutter system gives it remarkable strength. This strength allows you to specify a glass roof with no compromise on structural strength.

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