Somerset 1500


Small (170 sq ft / 15.75sqm)

The Somerset Orangerie from Nordic Garden Buildings offers a beautifully constructed garden living room with the space to accommodate a range of uses, whether it’s dining, living, relaxing, working, growing or all combined together, the Somerset has a range of sizes to meet you expectations. You need not worry about annual maintenance and painting anymore, the modern materials used for all Nordic Garden Buildings mean you have created a garden building that is built to last and more importantly built to be used 365 days of the year.
Where does the name come from?
Somerset features over 64km of coastline of the Bristol Channel and the Severn Estuary which contains the second largest tidal range in the world. With a milder and wetter climate than the rest of the UK, the landscape is lush and extensive containing networks of caves, underground rivers and the famous Cheddar Gorge. Due to the climate, getting the opportunity to appreciate what surrounds you, your home and your garden can be difficult. The Somerset Orangerie was named after this particular region of the country as it typifies the perfect scenario that our garden buildings help to alleviate. Don’t let the inclement weather disrupt your enjoyment of your garden and countryside.

Guttering does not come as standard with this product
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RRP ££19795
Save ££1980
SSP UK Mainland including Nordic ECO Floor, Delivery, Installation & VAT
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You are currently viewing Small (170 sq ft / 15.75sqm).


SAVE £15.00
Glazed panel replaced with plain PVCu panel - per panel
SAVE £20.00
Glazed panel replaced with T&G PVCu panel - per panel
SAVE £21.00
Additional Opening Window - Large
SAVE £36.00
Additional Manual Roof Vent (inc winding pole) (White)
SAVE £37.00
Finial & Crest - Large
SAVE £105.00
Additional Double Doors - Large
SAVE £49.90
Vinyl Flooring Option


PVC-u frames, rectangular shape framed with full height double glazed safety glass, 1 double door with multi-point locks, 2 lockable windows, adjustable door hinges, low aluminium threshold, external projecting sill, tie bars included and polycarbonate roof

MODEL 1500

Metric: 3.13m x 4.50m x 3.50m (15.75sqm)

Imperial: 10ft 4in x 14ft 9in x 11ft 6in (170 sq ft)


Our Orangeries have been designed to cater for any use, whether it’s growing exotic plants and flowers or having an outdoor music room, to a fantastic location for a dining room. Our freestanding Orangeries allow you to experience and enjoy the outdoors inside all year around.

All our Nordic Range of Orangeries have one thing in common. The gutter is an integral load bearing part of the structure and is not bolted on like all other Buildings on the market. This is one feature that makes our Nordic Range unique. Apart from making our Orangeries look beautiful the gutter system gives it remarkable strength. This strength allows you to specify a glass roof with no compromise on structural strength.

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