X Large (194 sq ft / 18sqm)

Traditional Orangeries were used to create tropical planting rooms, where all manner of fruits, flowers and plants would thrive. The Madeira creates a space where you and a partner can create a superb growing room, where you can experiment growing different types of plants that are not necessarily suitable in traditional greenhouses. Why only use the space for growing though? The spacious Madeira creates a truly stunning entertaining space and feature room for entertaining family and friends. With the inclusion of a dining table, flickering candles and soft music, you now have a unique dining experience surrounded by a very special garden.
Where does the name come from?
Madeira on the boarder of subtropical climate positioned in the region of Portugal makes it possible to grow more exotic fruits, this island has plenty of colour and smell and is the perfect name for creating a tropical environment in your own garden.

Guttering does not come as standard with this product
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You are currently viewing X Large (194 sq ft / 18sqm).


SAVE £21.00
Additional Opening Window
SAVE £61.00
Additional Single Door
SAVE £30.00
Additional Roof Vent (inc Bayliss Auto Opener)
SAVE £22.00
Finial & Crest - Standard
SAVE £15.00
Glazed panel replaced with plain PVCu panel - per panel
SAVE £20.00
Glazed panel replaced with T&G PVCu panel - per panel
SAVE £13.00
Guttering & Downpipe
SAVE £32.50
Vinyl Flooring Option


Rectangle shape. 1 single door with multi-point locks, adjustable door hinges, low aluminium threshold, external projecting sill and Clear polycarbonate roof. Three tie bars included and two roof vents including Bayliss Auto openers


Metric: 3.03m x 3.00m x 6.00m (18sqm)

Imperial: 9ft 11in x 9ft 10in x 19ft 8in (194 sq ft )

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