Kensington 1500

Small (162 sq ft / 15sqm)

The attention to detail on the Kensington stretched pavilion means this building would look impressive in any garden, add the options of making you building bespoke to you and you have a unique garden building created and installed in only a few days and in most cases without planning permission requirements. Across Europe this building is hugely popular for multipurpose use, due to the size options it is very easily furnished to incorporate both living and dining space.
Where does the name come from?
The highly affluent and populated area of London known as Kensington continues create inspiration due to its beautiful buildings, gardens and public areas. ItÂ’s one of the most recognised parts of London and attracts thousands of visitors every day. Using Kensington as inspiration helped us to understand and deliver a building that was focused on creating a garden pavilion that integrated into its surroundings easily. By not creating a visual blockage, the glazed Kensington Pavilion ensures you do not lose sight of your garden, whether you are inside or outside of your Nordic garden Building.

Guttering does not come as standard with this product
SSP UK Mainland including Nordic ECO Floor, Delivery, Installation & VAT
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£150.00 Glazed panel replaced with plain PVCu panel - per panel
£200.00 Glazed panel replaced with T&G PVCu panel - per panel
£210.00 Additional Opening Window - Large
£750.00 Additional Double Doors - Standard
£360.00 Additional Manual Roof Vent (inc winding pole) (White)
£370.00 Finial & Crest - Large


PVC-u frames, stretched octagonal shape framed with full height double glazed safety glass, 1 double door with multi-point locks, 4 lockable windows, adjustable door hinges, low aluminium threshold, external projecting sill, tie bars included and Deluxe glass roof

MODEL 1500

Metric: 3.13m x 5.00m x 3.50m (15sqm)

Imperial: 10ft 4in x 16ft 5in x 11ft 6in (162 sq ft)

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