Life in the fast lane……  

Nordic Garden Buildings continue to go from strength to strength in Scandinavia. Our brand and buildings are more popular than ever, with dealers across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany reporting fantastic growth.

To celebrate a fantastic business partnership, Nordic Garden Buildings and Vica (Denmark) took to the track, competitive Karting brings the F1 driver out in everyone…..

karting with Vica 2

Nordic Garden Buildings donated the rolling trophy as well as hosting the “pre- race” BBQ. With our European dealer manager Jan Hornsleth ‘at the grill’ all competitors enjoyed a fantastic feast prior to squeezing into race suits and snug karting race seats… some might say that Jan had a master plan! Jan rather surprisingly managed to get into the final (feeding the competition excessive food and drink obviously worked) but he’d didn’t win on this occasion (you have to let the customers win apparently). The Director of Anders Christiansen came first and Carsten Piihl partner came second and their new secretary Elsebeth came third… Great result!

Dennis – one of the installation team, brought his own helmet, a SERIOUS karting enthusiast but didn’t have his best day and Victoria (Nordic Garden Buildings, European Recruitment Manager) managed to clock the 3rd fastest time of the day! Although if you have seen her driving normally ….. That won’t be a shock.

After the racing, it was onwards for celebration drinks and dancing, where once again Jan stole the headlines whilst “busting a move” and damaged his knee….. His night was finished!

Thanks to everyone who attended a fantastic day and here’s to many more successful partner days with Nordic Garden Buildings.

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