How to heat your Nordic Garden Building all year round for virtually nothing!

Heat your Nordic Garden Building

If you are considering a Nordic Garden Building, whether it’s a Greenhouse, Pavilion  or Orangerie…..  here’s a little idea how to warm your amazing garden room in the colder months….. at virtually no cost!

Build your own heater using tea lights and placed inside a bread tin and covered with two ceramic flowerpots.

This system uses the scientific principles of convection heat transfer and can potentially heat your Nordic Garden Building for up to 8 hours.

Put the tea lights in a baking tin or loaf tin and covered with a small upside-down flower pot.

The hole in the top (the base) of the upside-down pot is covered with the metal casing leftover from one of the tea lights. Then the pot is covered by a second, larger pot and the hole in the bigger flower pot is left uncovered.

(The science bit) The candles produce gases full of heated particles that are captured and channelled through the pots. As hot gas particles are lighter than the air, they will rise up through the top into the colder area. What will then be caused is the cold air to fall into the warm areas and create a convection current; then heat is transferred from one pot to another, and then out of the hole.

Therefore you can have your very own Nordic Garden Building heating system by purchasing a bag of 100 tea lights from Ikea for less than £5, a standard baking/loaf tin, and two different sized flower pots.

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