Greenhouses continue to be a fantastic way to relax and focus on nature. The weather may not be wonderful but a greenhouse gives you the ability to get back to nature, whether you are growing plants, vegetables or chilli’s, the greenhouse is a sanctuary


You can now have a greenhouse that is robust, looks amazing all year round, easy to clean and very secure. Just simply a stunning greenhouse you can be proud of.

Easy to maintain and highly secure

Traditional greenhouses require lots of love, attention as well as ongoing maintenance. Not with a Greenhouse from Nordic Garden Buildings though, you can just focus on what’s inside without the worry of gardening tools and plants being stolen

More time to grow

Utilising the benefits of double glazing and PVC-u, you have a micro climate that is more evenly balanced throughout the year no matter what the weather is doing outside, therefore extending your growing season

What our customers have to say

Enjoy getting back to nature and take pride in growing your own vegetables or just simple put in a small bistro table and surround yourself with your favourite flowers over your early morning coffee. Take a look to see how our customers are using our Greenhouses.


One of the major benefits of choosing to add more space to your home with a Nordic Garden Building, is that this type of structure can often be added to your property without the need to apply for planning permission. For this to be possible however, it must comply with the height and positioning rules of permitted development, which we’ll take you through in this easy to read guide


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A Nordic Garden Building creates that perfect environment, located ‘around’ the home. Take a minute to request the latest product range from Nordic Garden Buildings.