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Ordering Your building

  • How do I order a building?

    You can place your order directly on our website or speak to one of our experts who can help with your building selection and also advise on finance options.

    We also have a retail partner network who are experts in their field and can offer advice on the best building for you. You need to discuss, agree, and order your building directly with your local retail stockist.

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  • Where do you deliver?

    We have dealers across the UK and Europe so we cover 9 countries but always consult your local stockist before placing your order.

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  • Do you hold stock?

    No, our buildings are made to order and specific to your requirements. As the manufacturer we are producing new buildings everyday so our lead times are short.

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  • What is the lead time for a building?

    Our lead times are dependent on your location and the availability of our installation teams. This can be between 4-12 weeks, when you have confirmed your order, you will be able to select a convenient delivery date from a range of options.

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  • What roof options are available?

    1. We offer a 4 colours of polycarbonate roofs including clear, opal, bronze and bronze/opal (bronze external, opal internal)
    2. Tile effect roof – A visually stunning roof option that gives a tiled roof effect with a light internal finish. This is available in 3 complimentary colours.
    3. High specification glass. We only use high quality glazing on a roof that allows the light in but not the intensity of the heat, therefore keeping your building a controllable temperature.
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  • What is the Nordic Eco Floor?

    The Nordic Eco-Floor is incorporated into the buildings structure. Once installed, this is a fixed part of the building as the frames are constructed on top of the Eco Floor. This is a bespoke product designed to improve the insulation values of your building. It also allows you to install a range of floor finishes i.e. Vinyl, wood, tile etc without the worry of water damage.

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  • Do I need the Nordic Eco Floor?

    We will not supply our buildings without the Nordic Eco Floor as this is an integral part of the buildings construction.

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  • Can I replace glass for PVC-u panels?

    Yes, our buildings are designed to create a 360 degree view of your garden BUT if you have an area you don’t wish to look at, you can select glazing to be replaced with either plan or tongue and groove effect panels.

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  • Panels in the rear of a Pavilion

    If you request panels in the three rear sections of a pavilion (replacing standard glazing) will this include the opening window. The answer is yes. We will fit panel into every aperture of those frames

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  • Can I add more opening windows?

    Yes, optional extras are available for our buildings, your local Nordic Garden Buildings retail partner can advise you on the optional extras that are available for your building.

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  • Is it possible to have opening windows in the Madison?

    Yes. This is something we will be introducing as a standard option for 2019, At the moment this is a special design request. The price for this can be requested at your local stockist.

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  • Madison door panels

    Can I have panels (replacing glazing) in the doors of the Madison Garden Room? Yes, This is a special design alteration that needs to be requested with your local stockist. This is not a standard option, therefore if you are looking for this option, please contact your local stockist and they can advise you on the cost of this design alteration.

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  • What is the thickness of the double glazing and panels?

    Our double glazing units are 28mm thick, the panes (tongue and Groove OR plain) are also 28mm. The PVCu panels do offer higher thermal values compared to the double glazing units.

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  • Is it possible to have a Summerhouse WITHOUT the veranda?

    TIf you are looking for a Jersey or Guernsey Summerhouse BUT without the Veranda, is this possible? The answer is yes. This will involve bringing the frames forward so the footprint of the building remains the same. There is a cost associated with this design alteration, your local stockist can advise you on this.

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  • Other optional extras

    Each building has a range of optional extras that are available to make your new Nordic Garden Building unique to you.

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  • Georgian bars

    If you love the Melbourne Pavilion but do not want the Georgian bars, is this possible? Yes, please ensure this is clear at time of order with our retail partners.

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  • What is the guarantee?

    1. 10 years – PVC-u frames, glazing, stainless steel hardware
    2. 5 years – tile effect roofs and painted profiles
    3. 2 years – None stainless steel hardware
    4. 1 year – External Georgian bars and ventilation vents.
    5. Standard terms and conditions of our guarantee are freely available on request.
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  • Do we have a CE Mark?

    Yes, we achieved our CE Mark in 2015 following extensive testing. More details available on request.

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  • Is installation and delivery included?

    Our recommended retail prices include delivery and installation. **UK Mainland only.

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  • How will I be updated?

    Following receipt of your order, we will correspond with you throughout the process via email. This includes the delivery of documentation, installation date selection, payment reminders, etc. It is important that you follow the instructions on each email after you have placed your order. We do supplement these emails with text reminders. We ONLY send text reminders to prompt important emails. In some instances emails can be located in your SPAM filter, so it is important to check BOTH your inbox and Spam filters. We will not send you marketing via SMS and following the successful installation of your building you are able to unsubscribe from Nordic Garden Buildings emails.

    If you unsubscribe, your order maybe delayed, the the emails we send require actions from you, for example, selecting your preferred delivery date.

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Delivery and installation

  • Do I need a base for the building?

    Yes, our buildings require a level, flat, solid surface prepared by a professional.

    We recommend that the base the following criteria:

    6” of hard-core and 6” of concrete will be sufficient. Our larger buildings (example – The Oxfordshire) you should consider reinforcing the slab with steel to stop cracking due to weight dispersion around the edges. Also note that we have previously laid buildings directly onto patio slabs and have had no issues.

    We will supply dimensions specific to your selected building.

    We do not install bases for the buildings to be positioned on.

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  • Make sure your base is the correct size

    We will send you both Internal and External dimensions for the building you have ordered, but to make sure you understand the difference, here’s a little example:

    The size of your building has an in INTERNALfloor area of 4600mm x 2800mm. This size is from INTERNAL frame to INTERNAL frame (your actual living space)

    We advise the EXTERNAL base measurement to be an ADDITIONAL 100mm on each side so in this instance 4800mm x 3000mm.

    If you are still unsure, please contact us via email

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  • How do I get the base dimensions?

    We supply all dimensions directly to you via email following confirmation of your order.

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  • Can I install my own building?

    In most cases, no, we always recommend a professional manages the installation of your new Nordic Garden Building.

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  • Do you need planning permission?

    Our buildings fall within current rules and regulations. We have prepared a planning permission advise pack, please click this link to download our planning permission guide.

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  • How is my Building secured to the base?

    Our buildings are fixed to the concrete base via the buildings cill prior to constructing the wall frames. This ensures stability, even if you live in an exposed coastal area that has wind speeds of over 110mph on a regular basis.

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  • How is the building delivered

    Our buildings are supplied on a specially design pallet or hand delivered by our own installation teams. Delivery is arranged to coincide with the selected installation date of your new building.

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  • How long will it take to install?

    For most buildings, we can construct within 1 day, some of the larger more complex buildings may take 2 days, and this is accounted for within the price of our buildings, so there are no surprises.

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  • Will we clean the building?

    Yes, we always leave our buildings ready for you to move your furniture straight in. All frames and glass is thoroughly cleaned.

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  • Access to my garden

    We need easy access to the position you have selected for your Nordic Garden Building. If there are possible issues with access we would suggest discussing with partner where you have placed your order.

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  • Will you carry out a pre-site inspection?

    No, this is your responsibility, we supply the documentation to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

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  • Will you remove all packaging?

    Yes, we will endeavour to leave your garden as pristine as we found it, just complimented with a beautiful Nordic Garden Building.

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  • Will I be contacted before the delivery?

    We will contact you the day before via the telephone number your have supplied. Our installation teams will call you the evening before to confirm and contact you on the morning of delivery and installation to update you if they encounter any issues that will delay their arrival, for example, traffic delays, weather conditions etc.

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Other questions

  • Recycling and uPVC

    uPVC is recyclable and can be reshaped into new products or pipes at very high temperatures.

    There is a common misconception that uPVC is simply…. ‘plastic’ and due to the high profile issues around the use of plastic globally and the disposal of plastic materials included bottles, bags, straws etc…. we thought it would be useful to point out a few of the facts around the core material used in Nordic Garden Buildings.

    Read more – Click HERE

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  • Why should I buy a PVCu Building?

    As well as the stunning visual appearance of the building, the materials we use will not shrink or expand, attract creepy crawlies, they require virtually no maintenance, they do not require annual painting, they are thermally efficient, odourless, peaceful and quiet whilst inside, they are not drafty.

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  • Where are our buildings manufactured?

    Our production facility is based in South Wales but for over 10 years we have exported our buildings across Europe as well as distributing across the UK.

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  • Can my building be moved?

    Yes, we offer a ‘relocation’ package, therefore if you move home, you can take your Nordic Garden Building with you.

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  • Can it be attached to my house?

    No, A Nordic Garden Building has been designed to be a FREESTANDING building, by attaching to your home you have created a conservatory.

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  • Will the colours fade?

    Our coloured frames are not sprayed, they are covered in a textured foil, therefore resistant to fading and general wear and tear.

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  • What about condensation?

    Condensation is a natural phenomenon that effects a multitude of environments. First of all you need to understand why. Do you have anything in the building which could cause this build-up of moisture? For example, potted plants? Or could the floor have become damp due to cleaning or walking in with wet shoes? If the door was closed afterwards, moisture could then been trapped within the building resulting in the build-up of condensation.

    If condensation build up is persistent we would suggest a number of options to help, you could try De-humidifying eggs, the non-spill moisture trap, the Aero 360 Pure Moisture Absorber or a standard dehumidifier. All of these low cost options are available from many standard online or retail outlets.

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  • Can I put a hot tub inside?

    DEFINITELY! We have many customers who use our building as a home spa.

    Will the Nordic ECO base support this? Yes.

    We have completed several installations where a customer has installed a hot tub. In each case we have built the Nordic building around the hot tub. It is unlikely that a hot tub can be fitted after a Nordic Garden Building has been installed, mainly due to access, it is unlikely a hot tub will fit through the door of a pre-installed building.

    The general practice is the Nordic Eco Floor is fitted, the hot tub is then put into position, the building is then constructed around the hot tub.

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  • Are the buildings secure?

    Yes, we only use high specification windows and door locks. Therefore your possessions are safe. We would always recommend keeping electrical items out of site though.

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  • Can I have electric?

    Yes, You would need to employ the services of a professional electrician but cabling can easily be run into the building allowing power points to be available for lamps and other electrical items.

    If possible, we recommend feeding cable from underneath the building, it is felt that supplying via the Nordic Eco-Floor is the best option. We can (when installing the Nordic base) cut a small hole in the base and lid and bring the feed in this way. You do also have the option of “retro fitting” electricity, you should drill a hole in the panel to feed the cable through. This MUST be sealed correctly though (both inside and outside), If the entry point via a panel is not sealed correctly, this could allow water to enter the building causing possible damage. It must be understood that we will not cover any damage caused due to the positioning of the electric cable entry point.

    Nordic Garden Buildings cannot fit or be responsible for electric supply to your building. Our fitting teams are not qualified electricians and therefore cannot offer advise whilst installation.

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  • What maintenance is required?

    None, we recommend a wash down at the end of the season, you may need to adjust the hinges on the door a month or so after installation but this is a simple adjustment and we supply the tool with the building.

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  • Will my building get blown over?

    We tested out buildings (for our CE mark) to resist the most testing conditions. We used criteria set specifically for northern Scandinavia, their conditions can be very dramatic including deep snow, gale force winds and other extremely changeable weather. We have experience of our buildings withstanding the toughest conditions when other more traditional buildings have been destroyed. Therefore, we are confident that the weather is no concern.

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  • Can I install air conditioning?

    Yes, Can we recommend an air conditioning unit. The answer is No. We have no preferred supplier of air conditioning units. You should contact a local company to quote, supply and fit.

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  • Can I fit blinds?

    YES, we have many customers who have installed blinds throughout their building. Can we recommend someone to fit blinds? sorry but the answer is No. We have no preferred supplier of blinds. You should contact a local company to quote, supply and fit. For more information contact your local retailer.

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  • What colour handles will I get?

    If you order a White building, your building will be supplied with White handles..

    If you order a Golden Oak on building, your building will be supplied with Gold handles.

    If you order a Grey, Black, Green or Rosewood building, your building will be supplied with Silver handles

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  • What colour Georgian Bars will I get?

    If you have ordered a building that includes Georgian Bars in the glazed sections, the standard colours for the Georgian bars are:

    If you order a White building, your building will be supplied with White Georgian bar

    If you order a Golden Oak or Rosewood building, your building will be supplied with White Georgian bars

    If you order a Grey, Black or Green buildings, your building will be supplied with Chrome Georgian bars as standard

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  • Is there a guarantee on the vinyl flooring

    There is NO guarantee on the vinyl flooring supplied by Nordic Garden Buildings when ordering through our retail partners.

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  • Can I get more technical data

    In relation to the frames, glazing, polycarbonate roof, tile effect roof, roof glazing, door and window locks? YES, all documents are freely available upon request. Please email us on requesting the information you require.

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  • Can I hang pictures on the walls?

    The simple answer is yes, how you hand the pictures though is dependent on which building you have purchased.

    As an example, certain buildings such as the Sylt, Iona, Crete, etc do not include steel reinforcing in the frames, so inserting screws into the framework will be directly into PVCu, which does not offer a high level of weight baring strength. However models such as the Manhattan, Madison etc the frames are fully reinforced with steel.

    For hanging pictures we tend to recommend the 3M sticky hooks which require no screws. So it depends what you are hanging and the items weight.

    If you are unsure, please contact us and we can check the building you have purchased and confirm which method is recommended.

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  • What is a Scanline product?

    Scanline” products have a smaller range of sizes and roofing options. They are ONLY available with a polycarbonate roof (a choice of 4 colours) and does not have an integrated gutter. Scanline products have an alternative roof design hence the restriction on sizes and roof type.

    Nordic” Products include a Nordic roof design that incorporates an integrated gutter, this design also means we can offer a wider range of roof options and sizes. With the “Nordic” range of products, you can select from polycarbonate,  glazed or tile effect roofing options plus a wider range of sizes.

    If you have any further questions, please contact us or your local stockist.

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