Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate a support ticket for warranty claims?

If within your warranty period you encounter any issues with your garden building, please register your support ticket by clicking on the link.


You will be asked for the original order number, date of installation, and location that the building was installed.

Other Questions

What is a Scanline product?

Scanline” products have a smaller range of sizes and roofing options. They are ONLY available with a polycarbonate roof (a choice of 4 colours) and does not have an integrated gutter. Scanline products have an alternative roof design hence the restriction on sizes and roof type.

Nordic” Products include a Nordic roof design that incorporates an integrated gutter, this design also means we can offer a wider range of roof options and sizes. With the “Nordic” range of products, you can select from polycarbonate,  glazed or tile effect roofing options plus a wider range of sizes.

If you have any further questions, please contact us or your local stockist.

Other Questions

Can I hang pictures on the walls?

The simple answer is yes, how you hand the pictures though is dependent on which building you have purchased.

As an example, certain buildings such as the Sylt, Iona, Crete, etc do not include steel reinforcing in the frames, so inserting screws into the framework will be directly into PVCu, which does not offer a high level of weight baring strength. However models such as the Manhattan, Madison etc the frames are fully reinforced with steel.

For hanging pictures we tend to recommend the 3M sticky hooks which require no screws. So it depends what you are hanging and the items weight.

If you are unsure, please contact us and we can check the building you have purchased and confirm which method is recommended.

Other Questions

Can I get more technical data

In relation to the frames, glazing, polycarbonate roof, tile effect roof, roof glazing, door and window locks? YES, all documents are freely available upon request. Please email us at requesting the information you require.

Other Questions

Is there a guarantee on the vinyl flooring

There is NO guarantee on the vinyl flooring supplied by Nordic Garden Buildings when ordering through our retail partners.

Other Questions

What colour Georgian Bars will I get?

If you have ordered a building that includes Georgian Bars in the glazed sections, the standard colours for the Georgian bars are:

If you order a White building, your building will be supplied with White Georgian bar

If you order a Golden Oak or Rosewood building, your building will be supplied with White Georgian bars

If you order a Grey, Black or Green buildings, your building will be supplied with Chrome Georgian bars as standard

Other Questions

What colour handles will I get?

If you order a White building, your building will be supplied with White handles..

If you order a Golden Oak on building, your building will be supplied with Gold handles.

If you order a Grey, Black, Green or Rosewood building, your building will be supplied with Silver handles

Other Questions

Can I fit blinds?

YES, we have many customers who have installed blinds throughout their building. Can we recommend someone to fit blinds? sorry but the answer is No. We have no preferred supplier of blinds. You should contact a local company to quote, supply and fit. For more information contact your local retailer.

Other Questions

Can I install air conditioning?

Yes, Can we recommend an air conditioning unit. The answer is No. We have no preferred supplier of air conditioning units. You should contact a local company to quote, supply and fit.

Other Questions

Will my building get blown over?

We tested out buildings (for our CE mark) to resist the most testing conditions. We used criteria set specifically for northern Scandinavia, their conditions can be very dramatic including deep snow, gale force winds and other extremely changeable weather. We have experience of our buildings withstanding the toughest conditions when other more traditional buildings have been destroyed. Therefore, we are confident that the weather is no concern.

Other Questions

What maintenance is required?

None, we recommend a wash down at the end of the season, you may need to adjust the hinges on the door a month or so after installation but this is a simple adjustment and we supply the tool with the building.

Other Questions

Can I have electric?

Yes, You would need to employ the services of a professional electrician but cabling can easily be run into the building allowing power points to be available for lamps and other electrical items.

If possible, we recommend feeding cable from underneath the building, it is felt that supplying via the Nordic Eco-Floor is the best option. We can (when installing the Nordic base) cut a small hole in the base and lid and bring the feed in this way. You do also have the option of “retro fitting” electricity, you should drill a hole in the panel to feed the cable through. This MUST be sealed correctly though (both inside and outside), If the entry point via a panel is not sealed correctly, this could allow water to enter the building causing possible damage. It must be understood that we will not cover any damage caused due to the positioning of the electric cable entry point.

Nordic Garden Buildings cannot fit or be responsible for electric supply to your building. Our fitting teams are not qualified electricians and therefore cannot offer advise whilst installation.