A smashing time…..

We are often asked about the durability and strength of the glazing panels we use in our garden buildings. Having a fantastic ‘place to escape’ in the garden for all year round enjoyment of your garden can also be an obstacle when children are riding their bikes, generally charging about the garden or something ideal to … Continued

uPVC and the Environment

A common concern and question when considering a new Double Glazed Greenhouse, Pavilion or Orangerie is the material the building is constructed from, it’s safety as well as the impact on the environment. There are many misconceptions about uPVC and the impact this material has on our environment and our wellbeing i.e. being toxic or “it’s … Continued

Technical Bulletin (4)

Nordic Garden Buildings ongoing commitment to customer services includes regular technical bulletin. We are constantly looking to improve our products and services thus ensuring we remain market leaders. On occasions door and window products have a tendency to drop or catch on the opening sashes, and it is very important that if this occurs during … Continued