EN DRØM HAR BLITT VIRKELIGHET Har lenge ønsket meg et orangeri i hagen. Etter besøk på hagemessen på Lillestrøm i 2016 har dette nå blitt til virkelighet. Etter å ha sett på alle alternativer på hagemessen, så falt valget lett på Nordic orangeri type OXFORDSHIRE  i hvit utgave levert av Scan Pro Ide og Design … Continued

Pavilions and Orangeries

The current range of Nordic Garden Buildings offers a modern alternative to traditional garden buildings. Designed and manufactured with the emphasis on enjoying your garden all year round in a comfortable temperate environment with little or no maintenance. Traditionally wooden sheds or log cabins have been the only options to choose from, even though this … Continued

Oaktree Nursery and Garden Centre

Nordic Garden Buildings are delighted to join forces with Oaktree Nursery and Garden Centre in Bracknell, the largest nursery and garden centre in the region. Oaktree’s history and success is based on its traditional values of being a family run business whilst employing a very experience knowledgeable team and focusing on customer satisfaction. Whether you … Continued

How to heat your Nordic Garden Building all year round for virtually nothing!

If you are considering a Nordic Garden Building, whether it’s a Greenhouse, Pavilion  or Orangerie…..  here’s a little idea how to warm your amazing garden room in the colder months….. at virtually no cost! Build your own heater using tea lights and placed inside a bread tin and covered with two ceramic flowerpots. This system uses the scientific principles of convection heat … Continued

Fancy a conservatory – think about an Orangerie

If you have ever coveted the idea of your very own orangerie, those gorgeously traditional English garden buildings associated with fine country residences during the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, now you can turn the dream into reality – at a value for money price. Nordic Garden Buildings, the UK’s leading manufacturer of free standing … Continued

Nordic launches Oxfordshire Orangerie

Nordic Garden Buildings, the UK’s leading manufacturer of free standing PVC garden buildings including pavilions, orangeries and greenhouses has launched the Oxfordshire Orangerie, a traditional British garden building concept with contemporary Scandinavian styling. The Oxfordshire Orangerie combines Scandinavian lifestyle chic with low maintenance, value for money, and the appeal of flexible space for multiple usages. … Continued