The proof is in the growing

The proof is in the growing Over the last few years, we have worked with a number of people to show how a Nordic Garden Building is a fantastic environment to grow plants. We created our greenhouses to bring the thermal efficiency of PVC-u and double glazing into a greenhouse, to enhance cultivation and growing conditions … Continued

Pershore College Retail Plant Centre

The staff and students at Pershore College have been hard at work developing the ground around the Nordic ‘Scanline‘ Orangerie. The ‘Madeira‘ at Pershore College was installed earlier in the year and we have been working together to create a growing environment that shows the benefits of our buildings. This building is being used in … Continued

The Spring Greenhouse

Offering protection from wind, rain and the cold, a greenhouse allows you to grow a much wider range of ornamental and edible plants, and with a Nordic Garden Building, your growing season is also extended. No one can control the weather, but owning a greenhouse allows you to control your growing environment. It provides protection … Continued

Oaktree Nursery and Garden Centre

Nordic Garden Buildings are delighted to join forces with Oaktree Nursery and Garden Centre in Bracknell, the largest nursery and garden centre in the region. Oaktree’s history and success is based on its traditional values of being a family run business whilst employing a very experience knowledgeable team and focusing on customer satisfaction. Whether you … Continued

How to heat your Nordic Garden Building all year round for virtually nothing!

If you are considering a Nordic Garden Building, whether it’s a Greenhouse, Pavilion  or Orangerie…..  here’s a little idea how to warm your amazing garden room in the colder months….. at virtually no cost! Build your own heater using tea lights and placed inside a bread tin and covered with two ceramic flowerpots. This system uses the scientific principles of convection heat … Continued

Nordic features new products at Spogagafa Hall 6.1 A58

Following the immense success of Nordic’s new 2015 season products at its recent dealer preview, the company will be showing them at Spogagafa to promote the Nordic opportunity to prospective dealers throughout Europe. Nordic Garden Buildings is the UK’s leading manufacturer of free standing uPVC garden buildings including pavilions, orangeries and the nation’s first ever uPVC … Continued

Learn the benefits of the Nordic Greenhouse

Designs including pavilions, orangeries and the nation’s first ever uPVC double glazed greenhouse has launched a consumer facing campaign to educate the UK about the benefits of uPVC double glazed garden buildings. Featuring point of sale in Nordic dealerships and consumer promotions such as the current one with Period Living Magazine, the campaign outlines the … Continued