Baylis Autovent Mk7 – Standard on Scanline Greenhouses

Part of our commitment to design and functionality is the inclusion of the Bayliss Autovent Mk7 as standard within all of our Scanline Double Glazed Greenhouses.

Scanline Double Glazed Greenhouse

Originally called Bayliss Engineering, it was in 1964 when their first autovent was sold. The story, however, started a few years earlier when the founder of the firm, Bert Bayliss, who was a keen gardener, was standing in his greenhouse with his son Ken, a newly qualified engineer with an interest in design.

Bert was in the process of opening the greenhouse windows and a chance remark to his son about wishing these vents could be opened without him having to walk down the garden to do it himself, led Ken to design the first Bayliss Autovent model, the Mk 1.

The autovent provides a maximum opening distance of 12 inches (30cm) and can be set to start opening at approximately 55F. It comes as standard in a satin anodised finish pre-installed on Nordic Garden Greenhouses.

The Bayliss Autovent Mk7 was voted “buy Buy” by Amateur Garden magazine.

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